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by David Young, Drone Launch Academy

I just finished up putting together an awesome freestudy guidefor people thinking about taking their Part 107 commercial drone exam.

21 Questions You’re Sure to See on the Part 107 Exam [with Detailed Explanations]

I’ve been compiling this info for the last several months, and I finally finished putting it into one detailed guide for everyone to use.

In this guide we go through some of the MOST MISSED Part 107 test questions that deal with…

  • How to know what airspace you’re in:Are you allowed to be there?
  • Reading sectional charts (aka – aviation specific maps):What do all of those symbols mean?
  • Part 107 Operating Rules:What do the regs say about what I’m allowed to do as a commercial drone pilot?
  • Loading and Performance:How does drone fly under different loading conditions?
  • Aviation Weather:How does weather impact safe drone operations?
  • Drone Maintenance:What are your responsibilities as a drone pilot?
  • Physiological Factors:How does your mental and physical state impact your ability to operate a drone safely?
So if you’ve been thinking about getting your Remote Pilot Certificate and need to take the Part 107 exam, be sure to check out the guide.

Here’s a quick snippet from the guide