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by bretfx

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Snap Zoom is an easy way to quickly snap zoom (sometimes called crash or smash zoom) your way into and/or out of a shot. Zoom in up to 600% with motion blur. It’s particularly useful and effective on 4k or higher resolution footage in a 1080p timeline. Add dynamics to a montage by zooming in to just the area of focus, and then back out again. You control the speed of the zoom, and the scale and position you’re zooming to or from. Get it today FREE at bretfx.com/snap-zoom.

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See the Snap-Zoom demo here: https://vimeo.com/288485926


Zoom in or out or both at the start and/or end of the effect.

Control how fast the snap zoom is. From fast to insanely fast.

Scale & Position
Control the size and position that you’re zooming to or from.

Snap Zoom is super easy to apply and adjust as a title overlay layer, but is best applied directly to a clip as an effect to best preserve resolution and sharpness.

Final Cut Pro X 10.4 or newer required

Get it today FREE at bretfx.com/snap-zoom