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by Charles Haine, nofilmschool

Why Apple is Dropping Cineform and DNx and How It Affects You

Users installing the newest refresh of Final Cut Pro might have seen a warning that their media won’t be supported in the future. Apple has put out a full support note giving more information and context to help filmmakers through the process.

Rumors seem to point towards the likelihood that Apple is developing Final Cut Pro to be able to run equally well on MacOS and iOS, allowing users to move seamlessly back and forth, which will require more limited codecs. But notice Apple doesn’t say that Final Cut won’t support Cineform and DNxHR, but that the entire MacOS won’t support Cineform and DNxHR. Considering how young DNxHR is (and how vital it is to the Media Composer workflow), this is very bold on Apple’s part.

Check out this article to learn what that means for you.