Every Filmmaking Form You’ll Ever Need, Free!


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by Adrijana Lazarevic, nofilmschool

Ease your workload (and your mind) with these free templates for everything from storyboarding to contracts to accounting.

[Editor’s Note: No Film School asked Adrijana Lazarevic to collect these 99 templates because of her expertise working with filmmakers at Filestage.io.]

No one really feels like doing paperwork, but let’s be honest: no good film comes without organization and planning. That’s where templates can help you out. I work at a startup that creates software for filmmakers, and we see how busy you are every day, so we collected the most helpful templates, guides and checklists out there to make your life a little easier. They really help save time for what matters most: letting your creativity flow and producing breathtaking movies that won’t be forgotten.

The categories covered in this list are: Script Prep/Pre-production, Storyboard/Mood Board Templates, Shot List Templates, Script Breakdown Sheets, Budgeting, Accounting, Personnel/Cast Forms, Insurance Forms, Equipment Documents, Production/Shooting, and Music Releases.

Each category contains a breakout of forms including their links to view and download!

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Winding Words: Free FCPX 3D Titles Plugin


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by Pielle

Here’s a free 3D titles plugin reminiscent of the early video days of the 1980’s (only in my opinion–)

WindingWords.jpg It consists of seven different word dropzones, each with its own path in the published parameter window…
publishedparameter.jpgThe article is continued here including the download and directions.


Dynamic Things You Can Do to Improve Your Drone Footage in Post


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by V. Renee, nofilmschool

You can make your drone footage so much more eye-catching by using these simple editing techniques.Okay, you’ve captured some amazingly beautiful shots with your drone and you’re ready to head into post. Now what? Well, you could just plop them into your timeline and call it good, but if you want to give your footage some more style and dimension, you might want to consider employing a few quick and easy editing techniques. In this video, Tony Northrup shares eight tips for editing drone footage that will make your shots look more dynamic, interesting, and professional. Check it out below:




5 Things Every GoPro Newbie Needs…


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I saw a question in my GoPro Enthusiasts Facebook group last month from Megan, who wrote, “Just bought my first GoPro5! It came with a Floaty, Supercharger, and The Strap. Any recommendations on must-have accessories…”
So here’s the answer… it does depend a lot on what you plan to do with your GoPro but there are a few basics that you want to be sure and pick up if you’re a brand new GoPro owner, no matter WHAT you plan on shooting.
Here’s the link to the full video on YouTube, if you want to watch it instead of reading BUT… be advised… all the direct links to this stuff are in the post that goes along with the video.

 I have direct links to everything I mention in the video, over on my blog… I have links to Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and of course, Amazon. So you might want to check all 4 retailers to compare prices.
And you might notice something a little extra fun in that post too… I morphed it into a Gift Guide! If you’re in the Holiday spirit now that it’s November (wait, what?), then let’s get the Christmas party started!
– Meredith
P.S. If you’re into these types of recommendations, then check out my Ultimate GoPro Enthusiasts Wish List which is an organized page of recommendations and a list of gear and accessories that I either have and recommend, or wish that I had. I’m keeping this page up to date with direct links to the lowest prices I can find so you can bookmark it for later, or maybe even share it on Facebook for all your GoPro-loving friends and family.

Halloween Isn’t Over Yet! Get Free Stuff from Digital Anarchy


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by Digital Anarchy

Get free stuff from Digital Anarchy!


As an appreciation to our customers over the past seven years, we have started a FREE section. This section will give you free tools that come up during the development of the paid stuff. We also have royalty-free photographs and videos that have been created through the course of generating sample and demo images of our products.

We hope you enjoy the cool, free stuff; let us know if you do!

Trey Ratcliff’s Lightroom Presets – FREE Starter Pack


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by Trey Ratcliff, Stuck in Customs

Early Warning: My Presets are Wild. Wild dot com. If you like mild presets that do just a little thing here or a little thing there, just walk on by. But if you wanna go cray-cray, well buckle up and jump on board!

This free package will give you a good taste of my Lightroom Presets. I picked eleven of my favorites which was actually a very hard task, because the presets have such a wide range of varieties, especially for all the various photo situations!

This is a free package, and, for a limited time, we are offering a full money-back guarantee!  😉  Download here.

Fast Slides: Free After Effects Slideshow Template


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by RocketStock

Use this free After Effects project to create an extremely dynamic slideshow or montage with your own images/video. Customize text, add your own logo, and edit colors and overlays to fit your specific project.

Fast Slides: Free After Effects Slideshow Template — Freebie

Once inside the project, you can customize the images and text by opening the various folders in the project bin.

  • 00 Assets: Store all of your assets (images/videos).
  • 01 Modify Logo: Open the “Logo” comp to add your own logo.
  • 02 Modify Images/Video: Open these comps to add your images/video.
  • 03 Modify Text: Customize your text here.
  • 04 Scene Options: Customize colors, overlays, etc.
  • 05 Render Zone: Comps for 1080 or 720 renders.

Fast Slides: Free After Effects Slideshow Template

Note: Music is not included; however, you can license the track “Liseberg” by Origami Pigeon at Premiumbeat.com.

Be sure to check out the RocketStock Freebie page for this and more FREE logo reveals, After Effects templates, LUTs, and much more! You can also subscribe with the button in the sidebar to get a notification when their free monthly After Effects template is available.

Free Title Templates/Presets 5-Pack for Premiere Pro


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by Orange83

Grab this FREE 5 Pack of Modern & Clean TITLE TEMPLATES or PRESETS for Premiere Pro. You don’t need After Effects or any plugin, just Premiere Pro. These templates are easy to adjust and modify, just follow the steps in the video. You can also include your logo or another image.

Preset resolution: 1920×1080 @25FPS, you can up or down scale it if you need.

DOWNLOAD PRESETS HERE: https://sellfy.com/p/yapn/


Timestamps for this tutorial

00:00 – Video intro

00:52 – Import into Premier Pro

01:48 – Preview template and edit template

03:32 – Edit title with a logo or image

05:28 – Change text and border color

*Note: Template file is for Premiere Pro CC 2018 or newer! There is no backward compatibility.  You need the Essential Graphics function in Premiere to use this template.

FCPXFree.com: What They Are Offering to Final Cut Pro Users That’s Different


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by Roger Bolton, FCPXFree.com

Final Cut Pro X has an amazing community, and with the power of Apple’s Motion Template system its not just developers who can create and share powerful tools.  There are a huge amount of free templates for all kinds of tasks created by individuals and by larger plugin development companies as promotional tools.  But there wasn’t really any good way to see and browse them all in one spot.  So thats why we decided to create FCPXFree.com.  We hope that this directory will help to grow the entire FCP X community, by giving one place you can come to find any free tool you are looking for.  Although we started with templates, we’ve also now got tutorials, LUTS and apps listed and we’ll be adding new sections in future with other resources.

We’ll also be updating their blog with new templates and tutorials as they become available and also with small briefs highlighting the best free resources that have been available for a while.  If we’ve left anything out, please get in touch and let us know.

If you would like to be notified about new free resources on FCPXFree.com then please sign up for our mailing listlike us on Facebook or follow us on twitter.

Roger, Founder – CoreMelt Pty Ltd / Publisher FCPXFree.com