Free 5 Origami Transitions for After Effects


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HD And 4K Transitions To Enhance Your Videos For Adobe After Effects

If you’re looking for a Quick & Easy way to make a unique, unforgettable video, you should definitely download these free Origami Transitions!

These transitions will make your life SO much easier – all you need to do is to Drag & Drop the transition into your project, and your video’s look will change dramatically.

If your videos suffer from in-distinction and you’re looking for ways to give them that modern, smart look – look no further.
Using these transitions, you can instantly add a unique look to your videos. It’s super easy to use, just Drag & Drop and it’s done! Included on the download page is a brief video showing how to use these transitions.
You can implement these transitions into After Effects to add a new layer of depth to your videos and give them a professional look and feel.

Full Animated Mattes Pack:

Full Origami Transition Pack

If you want to get more Origami Transitions to enhance your look, you can grab their full pack (50 transitions).

Click here to buy these Animated Mattes for $10.

Free Split Screen Templates for Premiere Pro


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by PremiereGal

After you download the template and footage, watch PremiereGal‘s tutorial to learn how to use the template and how to make your own split screen templates in Premiere Pro…

Download the Split Screen Premiere Pro Project File and Stock Video Footage first!

Videomaker’s Free Training Resources


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by Videomaker Magazine

Image result for Videomaker Magazine

Videomaker’s comprehensive free reports cover all aspects of video production, from laying out a storyboard to choosing the right tripod to understanding the workflow for a new digital cinema camera. All reports are free to download for subscribers to Videomaker’s free email tips. Once you confirm, you will receive a link to download your chosen report.  A few examples…

5 Advertising Tricks for YouTube
8 Tips for a Stellar First Video
Cinematography Techniques
How to Make a DIY Green Screen
How to Make a Viral Video
Master YouTube: Get Viewers and Make Money
Understanding the New Breed of Digital Cinema Cameras

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CreativeLive has several excellent free classes soon!


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by CreativeLive,00005a57ffffa5a8-nd-c0xffffffff-rj-k-no

Realize your dreams in career, hobby, and life.

CreativeLive has several excellent free classes coming up – and remember that all classes are totally 100% free when you watch them live. Click here to RSVP.

These classes cover a wide range of creative areas, including Photo & Video, Art & Design, Music & Audio, Craft & Maker, and Money & Life.

Take a look at the classes coming up over the next few days as well as the other CreativeLive video’s…

Commit to your hustle.

Over 1,500 Curated Classes by the World’s Top Experts.


Tap5a Autosize Text Background | Free Final Cut Pro X Plugin


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by Tapio Haaja Tap5a

A couple weeks ago GLJ featured Quick In-Out Animator by Tapio Haaja, Tap5a.  This plugin automatically resizes text backgrounds based on text boundaries. It’s easy to use and fully customizable! Quick and useful for subtitles, titles and lower 3rds. Complete list of features and download link below.

• Text background that autosizes itself based on text boundaries
• Works with all text inspector parameters. Stylize your text freely
• Adjust background color, opacity and roundness
• Put hole in background with Stencil Text option
• Add border to background
• Adjust border color, width and opacity
• Choose which sides have border (all, top, bottom, right, left, top & bottom, right & left)
• Adjust margins (all, top, bottom, right, left)

• Tap5a Autosize Text Background requires Final Cut Pro X 10.3

Download and installation:
• Download Tap5a Autosize Text Background here:
• Unzip
• Create “Tap5a” folder (if you don’t have it already) under: /~/Movies/Motion Templates/Titles/
• Move “Tap5a Autosize Text Background” folder to: /~/Movies/Motion Templates/Titles/Tap5a/

For animation, Autosize Text Background works well with my other free plugin called Quick In-Out Animator:

Smooth Spin Blur Rotation Transition Tutorial


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by Justin Odisho

I recently saw this transition on the National Geographic television show “Continent 7: Antarctica” and had to find out how it was done.  Then I found Justin Odisho‘s tutorial on how to create a smooth rotation spin transition effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC…

It’s more than a simple transition!

It’s a rather complicated effect, but rest assured, once you’re done you can easily copy and paste your adjustment layers over other edit points in your timeline. Even better, save the sequence with the adjustment layers as a Premiere Pro project “template” and import the sequence into your other projects whenever you want it.

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6 Creative IKEA Product Video/Photography Hacks


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by Michael Zhang, PetaPixel

Want some cheap and simple do-it-yourself photo equipment? Check out the IKEA store near you. In addition to being affordable options for home items, a number of IKEA products can also be re-purposed for your next photo shoot.

French photography website recently published the above 2.5-minute video that shares 6 different hacks you can do with IKEA items.

Here’s a quick rundown of the different products mentioned (you can find examples of results in the video above):

#1: SCHOTTIS, the $3 Diffuser

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Build a DIY Turntable for 360° Product Video/Photography


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If you do a lot of basic product photography, you might want to check out this video. In it, you’ll learn how to build and operate your own 360° product photography turntable, and it’ll only cost you about 15 or 20 bucks.

The surprisingly comprehensive tutorial was created by Jordan Carrasquillo of New Amsterdam Photo Video, and it covers everything from… (READ MORE)