We Need Your Help: Searching for 15 Americans in Concrete


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by Guy Noffsinger and Jeff Riegel

Hello everyone. Colleagues of ours at Cavus Media have entered a contest to help promote an effort to find and bring home 15 Americans from a remote Pacific Island, pre-WWII. Would you please vote for the search photo at the following link? It only take 10 seconds and all you have to do is click a vote button to verify you are not a robot.

It would mean the world to us to support this patriotic endeavor! Come back to vote again each day and help us out!


Searching for 15 Americans in Concrete

The GSSI StructureScan™ Mini was critical in searching for fifteen Americans entombed under a concrete slab in a long abandoned Japanese Navy fortification. On July 29, 1938, Pan Am Airways flight #229 departed Guam bound for Manila in the Philippine islands on a routine trip bringing passengers and cargo from the US to Hong Kong. During this particulate leg, two Japanese Navy aviators stowed away within the M-130 flying boat and hijacked the aircraft making it the first areal event of it’s kind. The plane was then forced into radio silence and flown to the remote Imperial Japanese Base of Truk Lagoon where the passengers and crew were killed and buried under a concrete slab (as indicated by multiple eye-witnesses after World War II). Because of the StructureScan™ Mini size and portability as well as image quality, the combined research team of Americans and Micronesians used the device to search multiple slabs for fifteen human-sized voids. The very last slab scanned on our third trip showed a positive indication to which we hope to start excavation soon.

9 Free After Effects Poly-Titles and Graphics


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by Rocketstock

These Poly Titles bring a hint of abstract, customizable animation to your titles, logo, or any footage you wish to include into your project.


9 motion graphics easily customizable for anybody creating new original content either for corporate clients, advertising or any type of branding material. Included with this pack are 2 lower thirds perfect for any interview, website promotion, or character intro.

Poly Titles: 9 Free After Effects Titles Free After Effects Template - Customize

Note: Music and SFX are not included, but you can license the track City Cruising by Mattijs Muller from PremiumBeat.com.

For the font, you will need to install Bebas Neue and use Bold.


check out the RocketStock Freebie page for more logo reveals, After Effects templates, LUTs, and much more! You can also subscribe below to get a notification when our next free After Effects template is available.


Create Cinemagraphs in FCPX – Here’s How!


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by LPTGuy

Create cinemagraphs in Final Cut Pro!

Today we’re going to learn how to make a cinemagraph. A cinemagraph is basically a still picture, in which a minor and repeated movement occurs, giving the illusion of animation. This technique is very popular on Instagram, where adding a little bit of movement to your still photos can really make them stand out. Making cinemagraphs is a great way to bring your still images to life, and they can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be.


Multiline Text Background | Free Final Cut Pro X Plugin


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by Tapio Haaja

Multiline text with autosizing background for each line. Quick and useful for titles, lower 3rds and subtitles. Complete list of features and download link below.

• Multiline text with autosizing background for each line
• Optimize performance by choosing max number of lines needed (3, 6, 12)
• Works with all text inspector parameters. Stylize your text freely
• Adjust background color, opacity and roundness
• Adjust background margins (horizontal, vertical)
• Offset background (horizontal, vertical)
• Put hole in background with Stencil Text option
• Add border to background
• Adjust border color, width and opacity

Download Tap5a Multiline Text Background here: http://bit.ly/2vP7Gfz


VLEXIGNETTE – the flexible Vignette, Free


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by Karsten Schlüter

This is Vlexignette, a FREE on-screen-adjustable Vignette-Effect.

After applied to a clip, you notice 4 OSC – just drag’em to give your vignette your own shape. In the Inspector are two controls, Opacity and Feather.


The Best High Quality FREE Stock Photos


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by PremiereGal

Don’t pay for high quality stock photos or video if you don’t have to. If you are working in a constrained creative budget, be a smart & cost-efficient producer. Whether you are a graphic designer or a video editor, here a useful list stock photo sites I use to get FREE & HIGH QUALITY photos, and by free I mean the artist and photographer has dedicated their work to the public domain under the CC0 license: https://creativecommons.org/publicdom…
No copyright issues at all!

Here is my list:
http://images.google.com (Under Search Tools, select “Labeled for Reuse”).

Another FCPX Freebie: Flip Transitions


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by Mikey Bouchereau


These Flip Transitions were created when someone asked me how to do a 3D flip in FCPX. Sadly the default flip transition forces a solid background. So these ofter you 3 different types.

1. On edit going from one item to another

2. Start at edit, to bring items in from nothing

3. End on edit, to have items leave just pick from the pop up menu on which type of transition works best for you!

Here is a little video to see what the transitions look like:

Here’s the download link.